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control your wires AB
c/o Schelin
Tomtebogatan 41
SE-113 38 Stockholm

VAT nr: SE556725149001
Bg: 5801-4788

Contact person: Mikael Schelin
Tel: +46 708 888 997
Email: mikael[at]controlyourwires.com

cord mess

The *cordctrl series is designed and produced in Sweden by control your wires AB, a development company founded by Mikael Schelin. After graduating in computer and systems sciences and economics Mikael worked briefly for an American investment bank and a Swedish fashion retailer before he decided to start out on his own, dedicating his time to his ideas and interest in innovation, science and technology. Involved in the development project so far has been a network of people with various backgrounds in architecture, fashion, advertising and graphical design.*cordctrl has recently been released in selected design-, fashion- and technology stores in Scandinavia, Europe, Japan and the US. *cordctrl continues to expand its global reach with the ambition of making life a bit less of a mess.