中国人均9000美元VS美国人均60000美元,谁是发达国家? [巴基斯坦媒体]China's 9,000 Vs US 60,000 USD Who is the developed country?
原创翻译:zgsdta2008论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-473574-1-1.htmlChina's 9,000 Vs US 60,000 USD Who is the developed country?中国人均9000美元VS美国人均60000美元,谁是发达国家?巴基斯坦网民评论:中国人均9000美元VS美国人均60000美元,谁是发达国家?评论翻译:
原创翻译:zgsdta2008论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-473574-1-1.htmlThe U.S. president said: In the World Trade Organization, China infringes on U.S. interests. China is not a developing country and should be recognized as a developed country!Where is the IQ of Americans?China's per capita GDP is 9,000 US dollars!Americans‘ per capita GDP is 60,000 US dollars!
Who is the developed country? ?You tell me!美国总统说:在世界贸易组织中,中国侵犯了美国的利益。中国不是一个发展中国家,应该被认作发达国家!美国人的智商在哪里?中国人均GDP是9000美元!美国人的人均GDP是6万美元!
谁是发达国家?你告诉我!--------------In the midst of additional $100 bn tariff threat, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said today that CHINA is no longer a third-world, developing country and should follow the rules of fair trade like a first-world developed country. That's really crazy in addition to exaggerating a $500 billion trade deficit with China.在额外的1000亿美元关税威胁中,国家经济委员会主任拉里·库德洛今天表示,中国不再是一个第三世界、发展中国家,应该像一个发达国家一样遵循公平贸易的原则。除了夸大对中国的5000亿美元的贸易逆差之外,这种说法也真的很疯狂。-----------
China is first world country, we're flattered :lol:, Indians will hate Americans to core to promote China equal status as US but India still remains a third world country, from now one es Indians should treat us with great respect中国是第一世界国家,我们受宠若热:哈哈:印度人会憎恨美国人把中国的地位等同于美国,但印度仍然是第三世界国家,从现在开始,印度人应该对我们非常尊重了。----------We respect all others as equals to us. No matter of their status.我们对所有人都一视同仁。不管他们的地位如何。----------
Really, you respect Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives as equal to India?真的吗,你们尊重不丹、尼泊尔和马尔代夫就像尊重印度一样吗?----------During the Korean War, China was facing the threat of US nuclear bomb attack. At that time, China was not afraid. China is today the world’s second largest economy and the world’s largest trading nation. China’s hydrogen bomb is no worse than any country, and China is afraid of a small trade sanctions? ?All the reactionaries are the Papertiger.------------------MAO Zedong
在朝鲜战争期间,中国面临着美国核爆威胁。当时,中国并不害怕。中国是当今世界第二大经济体,也是世界上最大的贸易国。中国的氢弹并不比任何国家的差,中国会害怕受到小小的贸易制裁吗?所有的反动派都是纸老虎。----毛泽东----------realistically-speaking, maybe in 2030.For now, there's still much work to be done.现实地说,也许在2030年会。
目前,还有很多工作要做-----------Depends on your standards, internally China doesn't follow the international "developed nation" or "high-income economy" standards as it has its own assessment methods though might talk about it for external usage. Even if China is a leader in a particular field or all fields it doesn't mean it is "developed" by internal standards, that is based on different metrics and goals. It will likely reach "high income" in 3-4 years but that doesn't mean much. By 2030 its still ongoing the "primary development" phase and would have completed most of the urbanisation migration though not finished urban development, have a per capita gdp of around $20,000, achieve "basic modernisation" not "developed". That means citizens enjoy basic functions of a "modern society".By Chinese standards "fully developed" status would likely be achieved by 2080 and aims to be among the top developed nations by 2100 if progress is made inline with the goals set in documents many years back. Although this was the timeline set many years ago, its milestones are still intact today and referenced. GDP is pretty much irrelevant as a goal this far down the road, everything is structural and GDP is just a byproduct.Maybe China should be considered a "developing nation" until 2080.这取决于你的标准,中国国内并不遵循国际“发达国家”或“高收入经济体”的标准,因为它有自己的评估方法,但可能也会按外部标准谈论。即使中国是某个领域或所有领域的领导者,按其内部标准也不意味着它是“发达”的,这是基于不同的指标和目标的。它可能在3-4年内达到“高收入”,但这并不意味着什么。到2030年,中国仍处于“初级发展”阶段,并将完成大部分城市化进程,但并未完成城市发展,人均国内生产总值约为2万美元,实现“基本现代化”而非“发达”。这意味着公民享有“现代社会”的基本功能。
按照中国的标准,“完全发达”的地位很可能在2080年实现,并力争到2100年跻身发达国家行列,如果这一进程与多年前的文件目标一致的话。虽然这是多年前设定的时间线,但它的里程碑今天仍然完整,并被引用。GDP与此无关,只是作为这条长路上的一个目标,一切都已架构好了,GDP只是一个副产品。或许在2080年之前,中国应该被视为一个“发展中国家”。------------In terms of PPP, an average Chinese is only four times poorer than an average American. And considering cost of living is twice as cheap in China, the actual difference is only 2 times.So an apples to apples comparison would mean, China's per capita is $30,000 versus America's $60,000. And since the Chinese are four times in number, China is now richer than America, at least in recent years.Except for some fringe areas, China should be recognized as a developed country.
就购买力平价而言,中国人平均比普通美国人穷4倍。考虑到美国的生活成本是中国的两倍,实际差别只有两倍。所以这两相比较意味着,中国的人均收入是3万美元,而美国是6万美元。由于中国人的数量是美国的四倍,中国现在比美国富裕,至少在最近几年是这样。除了一些边缘地区,中国应该被认为是一个发达国家。-----------WTF. Do you know that PPP is already adjusted for the cost of living, so even with low cost of living China is still 4 times poorer than US. Then again to live in a modern lifestyle, a lot of the goods are actually more expensive in China than in US.扯但。你知道PPP已经考虑到了生活成本,所以即使生活成本低,中国仍然比我们穷4倍。再说一次,在现代生活方式的生活中,很多商品在中国比在美国贵得多。
------------With PPP,India is also developed country,Should also drop its tarrifs!Why indian tax tarrifs are even higher than China's???以购买力平价衡量,印度也是发达国家,是否也应该放弃其关税!为什么印度的关税税率甚至比中国的还要高?-----------
china is about as developed as the US itself .中国和美国一样发达。------------India's PPP is still very low. It's only $7000. That makes it a middle income country. It has to double at the very least, and that could take at least 10 years at the minimum. China was also at $7000 in 2007.Today's China is over $15000 and already catching up with the US in many areas.印度的人均购买力平价仍然很低。只有7000美元。这使它成为一个中等收入国家。它至少需要翻倍,至少需要至少10年。2007年,中国也达到了7000美元。
今天的中国人均购买力评价已经超过了15000美元,在许多领域已经赶上了美国。-----------No no no, India's cost of living is five times as cheap as the US. Therefore India's PPP is already at $35,000 which will put it a very high income country.不不不,印度的生活成本是美国的五分之一。因此,印度的购买力平价已经达到3.5万美元,这将使印度成为一个高收入国家。------------India can buy smart phones and french jets using PPP, it is a concession given by white masters.
印度可以用购买力平价购买智能手机和法国飞机,这是白人统治者的让步。------------China's 9,000 Vs US 60,000 USD!!!No kidding!??中国的9000对我们6万美元!!!不是开玩笑吧! ?
------------chauism said:WTF. Do you know that PPP is already adjusted for the cost of living, so even with low cost of living China is still 4 times poorer than US. Then again to live in a modern lifestyle, a lot of the goods are actually more expensive in China than in US.You are right there. That's why I also said "Except for some fringe areas".The point is a significant population in China should be considered developed. That's roughly half the country's population with access to advanced healthcare and education and can afford the best the world has to offer. Okay, maybe not 50%, but at least 40%. Maybe even 30%. That's more than America's population.Mista said: ↑
No no no, India's cost of living is five times as cheap as the US. Therefore India's PPP is already at $35,000 which will put it a very high income country.But most of India's population is extremely poor. Only 10% or so are at that "developed" level today.、chauism说:↑WTF。你知道PPP已经根据生活成本做出了调整,所以即使生活成本低,中国仍然比我们穷4倍。再说一次,生活在现代生活方式中,很多商品在中国比在美国贵得多。关于这点,你是对的。这就是为什么我说“除了一些边缘地区”。重点是要考虑在中国有相当数量的人口应该被视为发达人口。这些人大约占了该国人口的一半,拥有先进的医疗保健和教育,并且能够负担得起世界上最好的服务。好的,也许不是50%,但至少是40%甚至30%。这比美国的人口还要多。
Mista说:↑不不不,印度的生活成本是美国的五分之一。因此,印度的购买力平价已经达到3.5万美元,这将使印度成为一个高收入国家。但印度大部分人口都极度贫困。今天拥有“发达”国家生活水平的人口只有10%左右。-------------No kidding?If so,India should also be considered developped country coz you have rich guys as well!!!!
How many 50 millions? That is 10 singapour population or one UK population!!!Both China and India have territorial disputes, but apart from these, China and India are actually brothers. The United States is the distant rich mean and selfish uncle of China and India,totally different situation.没有在开玩笑吧?如果中国是,那么印度也应该被认作是发达国家,因为你们也有富人!!!!五千万是多少?那是10倍于新加坡的人口或跟英国人口相当!!!
中国和印度都有领土争端,但除了这些,中国和印度实际上是兄弟。美国是中国和印度遥远的富裕小气但自私的叔叔,是完全不同的情况。-----------It's not at the level where India can influence global markets. At best only 10% of the population or less can be called developed compared to 30-40% of China's population.Like I said, give it 10-15 years and you can call India also developed. But our nominal per capita income will only be $5000-6000 versus China's $9000-10000 today. Such a huge difference.GDP isn't the sole measure of being developed, it's the HDI indicators. China's urban HDI is really high and the number of urban population living western standards of living is also very high. So you can't compare New York with a village in Xinjiang and then claim China isn't developed.If some advanced economy in 2030 comes up and says that India is using unfair trade practices when India's HDI is approaching developed country status, then it's obvious that they are making the right noises.
By all means, protect your rural population. The US isn't targeting China's rural population at all. The US is targeting the Chinese urban middle class and rich who have very high HDI. The US has no right to target your poor, and they are not doing that either. They are targeting your high tech industries for Made in China 2025. I consider it fair.But China is targeting the US's rural poor. So anybody can see who the real bad guy is.这不符合印度能够影响全球市场的水平。在最好的情况下,印度只有最多10%的人口能够被称为发达人口,而中国的人口中这一比例为30-40%。就像我说的,给它10-15年的时间,你也可以称印度为发达国家。但我们的人均名义GDP仅为5000-6000美元,而中国的人均名义GDP则为9000-10000美元。这是一个巨大的差异。GDP不是发展的唯一标准,HDI人类发展指数才是。中国的城市HDI非常高,达到西方生活标准的城市人口数量也非常高。所以你不能把纽约和新疆的一个村庄相比,然后宣称中国不是发达国家。如果2030年有一些发达经济体出现,并说印度正在使用不公平的贸易方式,印度的HDI指数正在接近发达国家的地位,那么很明显,他们正在制造正确的噪音。
无论如何,要保护你的农村人口。美国并没有瞄准中国农村人口。美国的目标是中国的城市中产阶级和拥有极高HDI的富人。美国没有权利针对你的穷人,他们也没有这样做。他们瞄准的是中国制造2025年的高科技产业。我认为这是公平的。但中国的目标是美国的农村贫困人口。所以谁都能看出谁是真正的坏人。-----------You have adopted a double standard. In fact, only 20% of people in China can be called rich people. 40% of Chinese people are called middle class in China. In fact, in the international community, the middle class in China is poor.Each country has poor and rich people. To uate whether a country is a developed country, an overall assessment should be taken instead of looking at the number of rich people. Alibaba Jack MA is very wealthy, Tencent Ma Huateng is also rich, but most Chinese people's income is still very low. This is a fact, no matter how Americans define it.你们采用了双重标准。事实上,中国只有20%的人可以被称为富人。在中国,40%的中国人被称为中产阶级。事实上,在国际社会中,中国的中产阶级很穷。
每个国家都有穷人和富人。要评估一个国家是否是一个发达国家,应该全面评估,而不是关注富人的数量。阿里巴巴马云非常富有,腾讯马化腾也很富有,但大多数中国人的收入仍然很低。无论美国人如何定义它,这都是一个事实。------------Initially I thought the "superpawa" thing was just a joke, then I realised many Indians just have different standards and perception of "developed". You just confirmed my previous speculation that if India reached the development of today's China, Indians would proclaim they are a developed nation . You took it a step further, developed nation at $5000-6000 per capita gdp. I mean that is one way to speed up "development".It's nothing personal just an observation.China is not a developed country, it is a developing country. The list of future projects from national scale to local is immense and will go on for decades to come. These are not vanity projects but tasks required to be completed for China to be considered a developed nation. It currently has 30 million people living in extreme poverty. Although its making good progress with projects like building 300,000 subsidized houses (80,000 for Xinjiang) in 2018 it is at the beginning stages of its structural development post market reform (which is still ongoing). Eliminating extreme poverty only provides a good foundation for the nation, that doesn't mean China is developed, far from it.Having a growing middle class population and some rich people doesn't mean developed, it is just some progress.I disagree with it being fair for the US to target "Made in China 2025". That initiative is the pre-requisite for China to even consider developed nation status. If China hasn't reached that developmental point it can not even pre-qualify for developed nation status. Once China has accomplished the 2025 initiative it can work its way towards becoming a developed nation after that. A big nation like China has a whole set of different challenges on becoming developed compared to one with 100 million or less people.