product specs

for customization of *cordctrl
(such as logo print or special made colors) please send an inquiry to:
customize[at] or contact Mikael Schelin +46 708 888 997


*cordctrl is a simple yet innovative product for managing the constant mess of the earphone cord to your iPhone, iPod or any other mp3 player or mobile phone. *cordctrl is designed and produced in Sweden. The product is made of 100% high grade liquid silicone and is delivered in its specially designed sealed white plastic packaging. The packaging material is polypropylene, which is a light weight and clean plastic material optimal for consumer packaging and well suited for our recycling systems.

*cordctrl in its sealed and screen printed packaging

- Product name: *cordctrl
- Dimensions: 65 mm (length), 12 mm (diameter)
- Material: 100% high grade liquid injection silicone (Wacker Silicones)
- Packaging: sealed and screen printed packaging (115 x 115 x 12 mm)
- Registered trade mark: *cordctrl
- IP: design patent pending regarding both product and packaging
- Designed by: control your wires AB, Sweden
- Produced in: Sweden

*cordctrl is offered in three basic colors; black, white and red...

*cordctrl black (001)

*cordctrl white (002)

*cordctrl red (003)

...and currently the limited edition colors frost, pink, purple and turquoise blue.

*cordctrl ltd frost (004)

*cordctrl ltd pink (005)

*cordctrl ltd purple (006)

*cordctrl ltd turquoise blue (007)

*cordctrl ltd lime (008)